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2010-11 LA Lakers: Remaining Schedule

I had enjoyed staying with my family in my hometown in Southern California for the last two weeks including my Thanksgiving holiday.  Earlier this morning, I just got back here in South Jersey, where I've been working in a successful business for almost five years.

During my Thanksgiving vacation in Orange County, I read the Los Angeles Times newspaper.  Somehow, I learned something interesting about Phil Jackson's 11 NBA championship teams from the newspaper.  Prior to a game vs. Sacramento Kings, it was unbelievable that the Los Angeles Lakers had suffered with its longest 4-game skid for the first time since April 2007.  According to the L.A. Times, NONE of Jackson's 11 NBA championship teams had lost at least four games in a row!

Because of those hilarious losses to the three weak teams (Indiana Pacers at home, Memphis Grizzlies and Houston Rockets), it is the most disappointing for the defending NBA champions that currently have 14 wins in the first 20 games so far.  Suppose they have easily defeated the lowly Pacers, Grizzlies and Rockets teams, they should have been 17-3, not 14-6!  Losing to those three weak teams is UNACCEPTABLE for the Lakers at all!

Before I begin with the Lakers' projection of the remaining games, I want to share my opinion of which teams are the most selfish teams in the NBA this season.

Most Selfish NBA Teams follow in my order:
1. Boston Celtics = All times as long as they still have Big Three (Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen) plus Rajon Rondo and Shaquille O'Neal.  Unlike many other Lakers fans, I don't have any respect for this most hateful team at all!  I've NEVER forgotten about the Game Six of the 2008 NBA Finals in which the sickest Celtics humiliated my Lakers with the horrible worst 131-92 blowout.  That is a main reason why I DO NOT want to see the Celtics coming back to the NBA Finals again....ever!  Last year, the Lakers BARELY survived to win its sweetest 16 NBA title in seven games.  I would say that the Celtics are the toughest team ever the Lakers will face this season because of the Celtics' best defense in the league.  BOO, BOO, BOO Celtics!
2. Miami Heat = I'm so saddened that my former favorite player, Chris Bosh, has betrayed his old team, Toronto Raptors.  He has made the biggest mistake ever that he stupidly followed his friends, Dwyane Wade (one of my hateful cheaters) and LeBron James.  He obviously wants to win his NBA championship.  So does LBJ.  Unfortunately, the Heat are only 2-7 vs. the teams with current winning percentages (0-2 vs. Celtics, 0-2 vs. Orlando Magic, 0-1 vs. Utah Jazz, 0-1 vs. Dallas Mavericks, 0-1 vs. New Orleans Hornets, 1-0 vs. Phoenix Suns and 1-0 vs. Atlanta Hawks).
3. Utah Jazz and San Antonio Spurs (tied) = Both teams along with Dallas Mavericks and Denver Nuggets are the Lakers' biggest threats in the Western Conference.

Schedule of the Lakers' remaining games:

December 2010 (13 games)
Easiest games (in order): vs. Philadelphia 76ers on 12/31; @ Los Angeles Clippers on 12/8; @ 76ers on 12/17
Hardest games (in order): @ San Antonio Spurs on 12/28; @ New Orleans Hornets on 12/29; @ Indiana Pacers on 12/15
Note: I choose the Pacers game over the home game vs. Miami Heat as one of the Lakers' hardest games because the Pacers have given my team too much troubles this season.  Honestly, I hope that the Lakers must avenge their embarrassing loss to the Pacers by winning 135-84!  By that way, the Lakers can dare to prevent the Pacers from sweeping the 2-game series!  Unfortunately, at the bottom line, playing in Indianapolis will be much tougher than playing against the Pacers at home.  Yuck!!!
Projected after 12/31/10: 23-10

January 2011 (15 games)
Easiest games: vs. Sacramento Kings on 1/28; vs. Cleveland Cavaliers on 1/11; vs. Detroit Pistons on 1/4
Hardest games: vs. Boston Celtics on 1/30; @ Dallas Mavericks on 1/19; vs. Utah Jazz on 1/25
Projected after 1/31/11: 33-15

February 2011 (13 games)
February will be the Lakers' toughest month because they have 9 road games including 7 straight games on the road.
Easiest games: vs. Clippers on 2/25; vs. Atlanta Hawks on 2/22; @ Cavaliers on 2/16
Hardest games: @ Celtics on 2/10; @ Orlando Magic on 2/13; @ Portland Trail Blazers on 2/23
Note: I choose the Blazers game over the Oklahoma City Thunder game as one of the Lakers' hardest games because of the toughest Rose Garden, where the Lakers are 3-15 since Dec 13, 2000.
Projected after 2/28/11: 39-22

March 2011 (13 games)
Easiest games: vs. Clippers on 3/25; vs. Minnesota Timberwolves on 3/18; @ Timberwolves on 3/1
Hardest games: @ Spurs on 3/6; @ Mavericks on 3/12; vs. Magic on 3/14
Projected after 3/31/11: 48-26

April 2011 (8 games)
Easiest games: @ Golden State Warriors on 4/6; @ Sacramento Kings on 4/13
Hardest games: @ Jazz on 4/1; @ Trail Blazers on 4/8

Projected Final Finish: 53-29, most likely in either 3rd or 4th place in the West.

Obviously, it looks like the most disappointing season for the defending NBA champions.

Worst-case Scenarios:
1. If the Lakers persist losing at least 10 games within a month from now, they most likely won't clinch the West's top seed spot nor league's best record.  I see that either San Antonio Spurs or Dallas Mavericks may get the West's top seed spot and could have the homecourt advantage throughout the West or entire playoffs.  Looking like to me, this season may be the Spurs' year because they are currently leading the league with the best 16-3 record.
2. It will be much tougher for the Lakers to win either West's fourth straight championship or 17th NBA title without its homecourt advantage.
3. Since the Lakers have already lost four games in a row, they have 50-50 chance to win another NBA title.  Notably, NONE of Phil Jackson's 11 NBA championship teams had lost more than three games in a row.

That is a main reason why I'm very picky that the Lakers must have the NBA's best record in order to obtain the homecourt advantage throughout the NBA playoffs including NBA Finals.  They could have won the 17th NBA championship, tying with the Celtics for the most NBA titles in the league history.
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L.A. Lakers' Scenarios for 2010-11 Season

Congratulations to the Los Angeles Lakers!

They won sweetest 16th NBA championship after defeating the Boston Celtics in seven games of the 2010 NBA Finals.  Playing against the toughest defensive team was worth it for the Lakers to pay off!

And.....Congratulations to Kobe Bryant for winning his second straight NBA Finals MVP award!  He deserves it!

Now, the NBA Finals and most recent NBA Draft are over.  There are a number of the scenarios for the back-to-back defending NBA champion L.A. Lakers.

Question: Will the Lakers be the heavy favorite to defend the three-peat NBA championship in 2011?

Well...speaking unbiased, my answer is 50-50 chance for many reasons.  I am sure that you have read or heard news about Lakers head coach Phil Jackson, one of the best coaches ever in NBA history.

Last week, Jackson has stated through sources that he is leaning toward his retirement, depending on his health status.  The Lakers management won't have much time to do a coaching job since they already have two top candidates on hold - Byron Scott and Brian Shaw.  Also, they are only two top candidates to replace fired Mike Brown for the 61-win Cleveland Cavaliers, who were embarrassingly ousted by the underdog Celtics in six games of the second round playoff.

Scott had been to the seven NBA Finals - five as a player (1984, '85, 87, 88 and '89 with the Lakers) and coach (2002 and '03 with New Jersey Nets).  He had coached a couple of the big All-Stars - Jason Kidd (Nets) and Chris Paul (Hornets).  Stunningly leading the New Orleans Hornets to the second place with 56 wins in the Western Conference in 2007-08, he was named to the NBA Coach of the Year.  Also, Scott has strong relationship with Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson since his Lakers days.

Shaw has been an assistant on Jackson's staff for five years.  However, he has never experienced coaching an NBA team in his career.

In my strict philosophy as if I were the Lakers owner or president, I would rather retain Jackson as today's BEST coach ever in order to win the three-peat NBA title with the same core consisting of Kobe, Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom and Derek Fisher (if re-signed).  With Jackson's decision to retire, the Lakers might not defend the three-peat title under either Scott or Shaw.  Not to mention, there are a couple of the two other best 'active' coaches in my opinion - Gregg Popovich of San Antonio Spurs and Jerry Sloan of Utah Jazz.  Looking back in history, none of Jackson, Popovich and Sloan has ever been fired in their coaching careers.  Scott has been fired twice in his coaching career.  Regardless of how much close to Kobe or excited returning home in Los Angeles, I would be very reluctant to hire Scott to replace Jackson as the Lakers' new coach.  I don't mean to be negative about Scott.  Honestly, I really like him very much as a person.  Not to mention, Scott was one of my all-time favorite basketball players.  However, he won't be as best or good coach as Jackson is.  As for Shaw, I really don't know because he has never coached an NBA team in his entire career.

Scenarios for the Lakers into the upcoming 2010-11 season:

If Jackson decides to return to coach the same team, the Lakers will most likely finish as one of the three top teams in the league.  As projected, I predict that the Lakers would finish with at least 56 wins.  With most players returning from last year's roster, they will be heavily favored to defend the three-peat title!

If either Scott or Shaw is selected to replace Jackson as the new coach, the Lakers most likely will finish at least 5-8 fewer wins than last season's 57-25 record.  They have 50-50 chance to return to the fourth straight NBA Finals.  In the worst-case scenario, the Lakers most likely may lose the series in either second or third round of the playoffs.  With Jackson's retirement, depending on where top free-agents LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade heading to, it is very difficult to predict who will win the 2011 NBA title at this time.  Let's wait to find out where LeBron, Bosh and D-Wade head to.  Then, I will make my 2010-11 NBA predictions coming in around September or October.

Enjoy your wonderful summer!  Cool

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2010 NBA Finals Preview

Do the 2010 Boston Celtics remind you of the 1995 Houston Rockets saga, huh? To me, my answer is yes! Just my opinion.

First off, let's look back at the 1995 Rockets' brief history. They won only 47 of 82 games and finished the sixth seed in the West. Shocking and very embarrassing, they became the first NBA team with 49 or fewer wins to upset all four 50-win teams en route to the NBA Finals winning the second straight NBA championship: 60-win Utah Jazz in the West first round; 59-win Phoenix Suns in the West Semifinals; NBA-best 62-win San Antonio Spurs in the West Finals; East-best 57-win Orlando Magic in the NBA Finals. Not to mention, they were the lowest seed ever to win the NBA title since 1984, in which the current playoff format began.

Now, the 2010 Celtics finished with a 50-32 record, 12 fewer wins than last year's record, as the fourth seed in the East. They tied the same record with the Oklahoma City Thunder, Portland Trail Blazers and San Antonio Spurs for the ninth place in the NBA league. Unlike the 1995 Rockets that didn't have the homecourt advantage throughout playoffs and still hold the NBA record of winning nine road games in a single postseason, the Celtics had the homecourt advantage for the only first round series versus the fifth-seeded Miami Heat. In my entitled opinion, despite three more wins and two higher seeded spots than the 1995 Rockets, the 2010 Celtics are the historic WORST and BADDEST team ever in the NBA! If asked, I would rather root for the 1995 Rockets against the most overrated 2010 Celtics!
Tongue out 

Like my prediction, I was not surprised that the Celtics easily defeated the Heat in five games of the East first round series. Many people picked the NBA-best 61-win Cleveland Cavaliers to win the second round series over the Celtics in 5 or 6 games. Somehow, it was very shocking that the Celtics had outplayed and eliminated the top seed in the East Semifinals and advanced to the East Finals facing the second NBA-best 59-win Orlando Magic. In Game Five of the East Semifinals, I was very disgusted that the rude-laughing Celtics humiliated the Cavaliers by handing the top seed its horrible NBA-record 32-point home playoff loss. Flashing into my bad memory, this horrible margin reminds me of the Lakers' unacceptable 39-point playoff loss to the sickest Celtics back in the 2008 NBA Finals. Come on, give me a damn break, feeling like having a headache! Whoa, whoa! In addition, I was very disgusted that the Cavaliers became the first NBA team with a 70% or better winning record to lose a playoff game by at least 30 points in the margin. How HORRIBLE!!! That is one of the reasons why the Celtics are the baddest NBA team ever, especially making a lot of rude laughs when they recklessly humiliate the opponents.

Entering the East Finals, the rude-laughing Celtics embarrassingly humiliated the Magic, causing the second seed falling into a horrible 3-0 hole. Whoa, whoa! Come on, give me a break! Whoa, whoa! Rooting for the Magic, I strictly kept my fingers crossed that the Magic would have the best chance to become the first NBA team ever to overcome the 3-0 deficit to win the playoff series in history. If they had done, then they would have the best chance to win its first NBA championship in franchise history. Somehow, unfortunately, I became very disappointed that the cruelest Celtics laughingly denied the Magic's best chance.

Upsetting the two top NBA teams in the last rounds of this year's playoffs, the Celtics are proven that they have numerous secrets of their defensive tricks, which neither Cavaliers nor Magic are able to answer. I'm getting sicker and more disgusted of the Celtics always cheating on the opponents regardless of win-loss records since the C's Big Three (Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen) era began in 2007-08. Using their secrets of defensive tricks under most overrated NBA head coach Doc Rivers and his defensive specialist Tom Thibodeau, the Celtics have obviously CHEATED on the Cavaliers and Magic in the postseason. Either Cavaliers or Magic were supposed to get past the all-time LOSER Celtics to advance to the NBA Finals. Again, the Celtics' secret tips of defense are totally disgusting me!

Now. . . . .

To my dearest NBA team - Los Angeles Lakers: Good Night!

The Lakers better got to watch out of the rudest, cruelest and toughest Celtics' secrets of defensive tricks! Eck! The Lakers are the third best team with 57 wins behind the Cavaliers and Magic in the NBA league. They have advanced to the third straight NBA Finals, facing the evilest Celtics in the rematch of the all-time historic rivalry since 1959. After the Cavaliers and Magic are tragically victims, do you think that the Lakers will be the next victim of the rude-laughing Celtics' humiliations? Well, who knows? That is exactly what I am very concerned about my team. Watching the Lakers-Celtics rematch makes me feel very nervous and pathetic! Eck! Most fear for the Lakers or any other opponent, the Celtics are the most dangerous NBA team ever to threaten to kill the more favored opponent into embarrassment despite winning only 50 games and East's fourth seed.

Unlike two seasons ago that the Celtics had the homecourt advantage throughout the postseason based on its best NBA record, the Lakers have the homecourt advantage in the NBA Finals at this time. The Lakers are 8-0 at home in this postseason. Generally, a little more than 75% of the teams with homecourt advantage have won the NBA Finals series. However, unfortunately, due to the Celtics' secrets of defensive tricks possibly denying the Lakers' best chance to win the back-to-back championships, the homecourt advantage is no longer guaranteed since the heavily underdog Celtics have already stolen the homecourt advantages from the two top NBA teams by winning four road games in Cleveland and Orlando.

Like I have stated in the past, I still can't stand the most arrogant attitudes of the Celtics players, especially Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce and even Coach Rivers. I hate KG so much! I hate Pierce so much! I hate Doc so much! Of course, except Ray Allen, I hate all Celtics team personnel so much! Not to mention, Ray is the only good guy on the baddest Celtics roster. I personally wish that he should never be traded to Boston from the formerly Seattle SuperSonics (now known as OC Thunder) in the first place three years ago!

In today's NBA, 14-year veteran Kobe Bryant of the Lakers is the fiercest competitor ever I have seen. When Kobe was the fastest rising star becoming one of the best All-Star players back in the early 2000s, I envisioned that he would be the next Michael Jordan with similar attitudes about winning NBA championships and playing for one of the best NBA coaches - Phil Jackson who has won 10 NBA titles as a head coach. Now, like my vision, Kobe is proven as the next MJ in the 2000s and possibly early 2010s before he may retire in a few years from now. In fact, MJ has six championship rings while Kobe has only four rings. Honestly, I am not a huge fan of Kobe's but I have a lot of respect for him because he has done for my lovely team in his entire NBA career.

Unfortunately, I don't have any respect for the Celtics, except Ray Allen whom I really like as one of the few humble NBA players. Like leaving scars forever, there are still two worst moments of the 2008 NBA Finals: a 24-point collapse in Game 4 and a horrible 131-92 playoff loss in the closing Game 6. Although Kobe doesn't care who his team is playing against in the NBA Finals, he and his teammates including Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom and Derek Fisher still have not forgotten about those horrible nightmares. As I am in their shoes as a longtime Lakers fan, they are looking forward to take their HEATED REVENGE on the baddest Celtics in the 2010 NBA Finals! Notably, the Lakers did not have center Andrew Bynum and one-time DPOY Ron Artest when the rude-laughing Celtics embarrassingly humiliated the Lakers in the NBA Finals two seasons ago. At that time, Artest was with the Rockets team while Bynum missed the entire playoffs due to a knee injury that required surgery during the regular season.

In order to take the revenge on the Celtics, the Lakers MUST figure out how to play MORE DEFENSIVE against the defensive-mind Celtics throughout the series!

My predictions:
Game 1 at Los Angeles: Lakers 101, Celtics 86

Game 2 at Los Angeles: Lakers 94, Celtics 88
The heavenly Lakers are going to enjoy laughing at the devil Celtics by taking its 2-0 series lead!

Game 3 at Boston: Lakers 100, Celtics 92 (Celts lead 63-41 at halftime)
Like Game 4 back in the 2008 NBA Finals, the unforgiving Lakers enjoy collapsing the Celtics' 30-point lead to win this game in revenge, taking its 3-0 lead! In the second half, the Lakers outscore the Celtics 59-29 in laughter!

Game 4 at Boston: Celtics 89, Lakers 86
The Celtics' first win cut the Lakers' lead to 3-1.

Game 5 at Boston: Celtics 93, Lakers 92
This game is the closest ever in this series.

Game 6 at Los Angeles: Lakers 141, Celtics 94
Like Game 6 back in the 2008 NBA Finals, the severely hurting and furious Lakers dare to humiliate the Celtics by handing the Celtics its potential NBA Finals-record 47-point loss in revenge and laughter! By that way, the Lakers are winning its sweet sixteenth NBA championship in franchise history, just one shy of the Celtics' 17 titles. Kobe gets his fifth ring while Phil gets the 11th ring as the coach!

2010 NBA Finals: Lakers 4, Celtics 2

2010 NBA Champions: Los Angeles Lakers
2010 NBA Finals Runner-Up: Cleveland Cavaliers (by forfeit)

As if I were David Stern as the NBA Commissioner, I would have declared the league-best Cavaliers as the 2010 Eastern Conference champions by forfeit when the second-best Magic embarrassingly lost the playoff series to the disqualified Celtics in the crucial conference finals. In the worst-case scenario for the Lakers, if they lose the NBA Finals series to the Celtics again, I definitely would declare the Cavaliers as the 2010 NBA champions by forfeit based on the NBA's best record. The Celtics should have been disqualified from the last three playoff rounds because of cheating with their secrets of defensive tricks that none of the opponents is able to answer. Watching the Celtics humiliating the opponents with their defensive tricks are totally disgusting me! Eck!

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2010 NBA Playoffs are Bad?

To the Lakers/Suns winner in the Western Conference Finals, Good Night!

I can't believe that the Boston Celtics are taking the 3-0 series lead over the defending East champion Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals.  The Celtics are as very dominant as they were in the 2007-08 season.  Give me a break!  I'm getting sicker, sicker and more disgusted of seeing the Celtics, especially Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo, cheating on the opponents in the first three rounds - Miami Heat, NBA-best Cleveland Cavaliers and now Magic.  KG is the baddest vocal leader about defense.  As always, I can't stand KG's worst egos!  His egos are driving me nuts!

As my recall, when Rasheed Wallace signed a two-year contract agreement with the Celtics last summer after spending 6 years with the Detroit Pistons, I was totally disgusted to read KG's arrogant statement.  He was such a baby that he whined about his furious frustration of sitting on the bench in street clothes and watching last year's playoffs due to a knee injury.  He expressed his anger and accusation against the Magic for beating his team in last year's East semifinals, and he seemed wanting to take revenge on the Magic team.  Come on, give me a break!  In truth, I WAS so happy that the Magic BEAT the LOSER Celtics, regardless of having KG playing or not!  KG needs to learn how to accept the facts!  He may NOT get another championship ring!  At 33, he still needs to GROW UP!!!!!!  I am very happy that Dwight Howard has received the two DPOY awards in a row!  Dwight is more than 10 times better defender than KG is!  KG is the most overrated defender!  KG, Kendrick Perkins, Glen Davis and even Rasheed can't defend the Hulk/Superman DH in any way!
Tongue out

After taking the horrible 2-0 lead over the Magic, I was very disgusted by Paul Pierce's statement.  He rudely chuckled stating that he was so happy that the Celtics were taking the 2-0 and could close out the next games at home.  It looked to me that the Celtics obviously wanted to sweep the Magic.  Come on, give me a break!  I strictly DO NOT want to see the Magic to get embarrassingly swept by the idiotic Celtics!  I keep my fingers crossed that the Magic can become the first NBA team to overcome the 3-0 deficit to return to the second straight NBA Finals!  If it happens, the Magic would have the best chance to win its first NBA championship in franchise history.  The Celtics DO NOT need another NBA championship since they have enough 18 NBA titles!

I can't stand the Celtics bullying the opponents in the postseason!  After the two top NBA teams (Cavaliers and Magic) have been tragically victims of the Celtics' rude humiliations and bullies, I am getting worried about my lovely team (L.A. Lakers) as if they advance to the third straight NBA Finals.  Since the Celtics rudely stole homecourt advantages from the Cavaliers and Magic, homecourt advantage in the NBA Finals is not guaranteed.  Like two years ago, the Celtics have been extremely coordinated defense team, especially having KG playing.  That is a reason why I DO NOT want to see the Celtics coming back ever to the first NBA Finals in two years.  I rather want to see the Lakers-Magic series, instead of the old-time Lakers-Celtics rematch.  Otherwise, either Lakers or Suns most likely will be the next victim of the rudest Celtics' horrible bullies after the Cavaliers and Magic.

I must admit that I feel very regretful for making the stupid pick of the Celtics to win the series over the heavily favored Cavaliers.  I realized that I really should pick the Cavaliers because the Celtics are obviously cheating with their strong defense, which no opponent is able to answer.  I can't believe that neither Cavaliers nor Magic have the answers for the Celtics' top secrets of defensive tricks.

To the Lakers/Suns winner, you better watch out of the LOSER and CHEATING Celtics in the NBA Finals!!!!!

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