Posted on: May 24, 2010 8:42 pm

2010 NBA Playoffs are Bad?

To the Lakers/Suns winner in the Western Conference Finals, Good Night!

I can't believe that the Boston Celtics are taking the 3-0 series lead over the defending East champion Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals.  The Celtics are as very dominant as they were in the 2007-08 season.  Give me a break!  I'm getting sicker, sicker and more disgusted of seeing the Celtics, especially Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo, cheating on the opponents in the first three rounds - Miami Heat, NBA-best Cleveland Cavaliers and now Magic.  KG is the baddest vocal leader about defense.  As always, I can't stand KG's worst egos!  His egos are driving me nuts!

As my recall, when Rasheed Wallace signed a two-year contract agreement with the Celtics last summer after spending 6 years with the Detroit Pistons, I was totally disgusted to read KG's arrogant statement.  He was such a baby that he whined about his furious frustration of sitting on the bench in street clothes and watching last year's playoffs due to a knee injury.  He expressed his anger and accusation against the Magic for beating his team in last year's East semifinals, and he seemed wanting to take revenge on the Magic team.  Come on, give me a break!  In truth, I WAS so happy that the Magic BEAT the LOSER Celtics, regardless of having KG playing or not!  KG needs to learn how to accept the facts!  He may NOT get another championship ring!  At 33, he still needs to GROW UP!!!!!!  I am very happy that Dwight Howard has received the two DPOY awards in a row!  Dwight is more than 10 times better defender than KG is!  KG is the most overrated defender!  KG, Kendrick Perkins, Glen Davis and even Rasheed can't defend the Hulk/Superman DH in any way!
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After taking the horrible 2-0 lead over the Magic, I was very disgusted by Paul Pierce's statement.  He rudely chuckled stating that he was so happy that the Celtics were taking the 2-0 and could close out the next games at home.  It looked to me that the Celtics obviously wanted to sweep the Magic.  Come on, give me a break!  I strictly DO NOT want to see the Magic to get embarrassingly swept by the idiotic Celtics!  I keep my fingers crossed that the Magic can become the first NBA team to overcome the 3-0 deficit to return to the second straight NBA Finals!  If it happens, the Magic would have the best chance to win its first NBA championship in franchise history.  The Celtics DO NOT need another NBA championship since they have enough 18 NBA titles!

I can't stand the Celtics bullying the opponents in the postseason!  After the two top NBA teams (Cavaliers and Magic) have been tragically victims of the Celtics' rude humiliations and bullies, I am getting worried about my lovely team (L.A. Lakers) as if they advance to the third straight NBA Finals.  Since the Celtics rudely stole homecourt advantages from the Cavaliers and Magic, homecourt advantage in the NBA Finals is not guaranteed.  Like two years ago, the Celtics have been extremely coordinated defense team, especially having KG playing.  That is a reason why I DO NOT want to see the Celtics coming back ever to the first NBA Finals in two years.  I rather want to see the Lakers-Magic series, instead of the old-time Lakers-Celtics rematch.  Otherwise, either Lakers or Suns most likely will be the next victim of the rudest Celtics' horrible bullies after the Cavaliers and Magic.

I must admit that I feel very regretful for making the stupid pick of the Celtics to win the series over the heavily favored Cavaliers.  I realized that I really should pick the Cavaliers because the Celtics are obviously cheating with their strong defense, which no opponent is able to answer.  I can't believe that neither Cavaliers nor Magic have the answers for the Celtics' top secrets of defensive tricks.

To the Lakers/Suns winner, you better watch out of the LOSER and CHEATING Celtics in the NBA Finals!!!!!

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